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When i saw the bathroom i noticed the toilet was raised making very uncomfortable to use, it was high enough it gave a new meaning to sitting on the throne. I was pretty sure with the raised floor and the raised toilet that the plumbing was run shallow so it had to be covered, this tends to be typical in older homes when install a basement bathroom on a budget. So when i removed the sub floor and the raised portion of the toilet i was pleasantly surprised that the plumbing was under the concrete and the only reason they raised the toilet is that they couldn’t figure out how to surface mount the toilet flange. This was a relief that they weren’t hiding anything shady under the floor, In total the toilet was raised 5″ above the concrete floor. I was also able to expose the surface mold around the toilet and remedy it before it got worse.


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Removed the wood paneling off the wall, i still cant understand how wood paneling became a trend, painting it white was the best they could have done for it, and i had the right approach to take it all down! Unfortunately the way they attached the wood paneling was with a lot of nails and when i mean a lot of nails i mean upwards of a hundred. Due to the way it was constructed the drywall was so damaged it would take hours to patch and sand all the little holes so i decided to take the drywall down.

I than removed the drywall between my laundry room and the bathroom, this is the wall that will eventually be moved 2 feet back into the laundry room. You can see my abs drain/vent, the waterlines running to the sink and toilet. The major surprise when I opened up the wall was the amount of wasted space they created by putting up a extra wall, it was about 8″ of empty space and the only reason i can see why they did it is to run the electrical through it. I thought maybe they planned on putting some sound insulation in the wall to prevent noise or maybe they just did it so when they screwed the drywall they would be away from the plumbing, reducing the risk of problems. I guess i will never know the reason but I’ll be glad to do it right!

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I removed the drywall on the far side of the bathroom to expose the heating vent, This is the wall I mentioned previously that was full of nail holes. Once I removed the drywall you can now see how far the vent is raised above the concrete because of the old raised floor. Now on the other side of this wall is my spare bedroom, when i had family stay over they commented on how when the air conditioning was on the bedroom was warm but the bathroom was freezing cold. I removed the grill on bedroom side to find that it was just a dummy vent to make it look like one was installed correctly, pretty aggravating. Now to correct this i had to take tin snips, cut the bottom of the vent to allow for air to flow to both the bedroom and the bathroom. I than had to figure out a solution to seal the space that i cut open, so i went to the home improvement store and picked up the cardboard looking material they use in newer homes for return air, cut out a standard vent size, and fastened it to the opening and sealed the edges with duct tape.

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