Basement Bathroom tiling

Finally I get to do something really interesting I’ve never done before, I’ve always seen bathroom tiling done in commercial buildings I have worked on and have always have wanted to tackle the project myself.

I am making the good process on my basement bathroom as seen from my previous post Basement bathroom renovation – Page 4 concrete work  and when it came to flooring I decided to take the plunge and tiles.

I started the basement tiling by measuring out the floor area of the bathroom and making a list. I than went to the habitat for humanity restore (a store that takes donations to raise money for people that don’t have housing) where I picked up tile for 1/2 the price of home depot and than I picke up the supplies like the tile cutter, 3/16″ trowel, Uncoupling flooring under layment, tile mortar and grout.

Once I got the material home I rolled out the uncoupling membrane used to go between the cement and the tile in case of any movement in the concrete, this will prevent cracking of joints and tile. Once it was cut to size I mixed the mortar, I started by spreading it on the floor with a 3/16 trowel than I laid the membrane down on the floor. When you first place the membrane down you have to make sure it adheres to the mortar properly underneath, the best way to do this is to take a 2×4 and apply firm pressure downward and press down the surface area of the membrane.

Now that was complete it was time to lay out the tile to see what pattern would work best, seeing that it was my tile project I’m keeping it simple.the hardest part I found was having to cut the tile to fit around the toilet flange, I accomplished this by using a grinder with a diamond wheel and very gently cut out the round shape to accommodate the flange. When the layout was completed I can now fasten the tile to the under layment.

Tile layout
Bathroom tiling project