My new renovation helper our bunny Cadbury!

Hey everyone! 

Today I’m introducing my new family member Cadbury! My fiancé has been always talking about a animal in the house since we have extra space and finally I gave in and got a beautiful bunny!

Cadbury is a beautiful lop bunny that is 3 years old and fully litter trained. We had a lot of fun setting up her room before she arrived and yes you heard that correctly she has her own room!

When we got her home she adapted to the home right away and didn’t show any fear of her surroundings and now after living here a week she is running all over the house.

I think everyone needs a cute little home renovation buddy! Renovations can be stressful so having a animal that wants to play after hard work is the best stress relief. So here she is!

Cadbury, bunny, renovation, diy
Cadbury, bunny, renovation, DIY
Cadbury close up