Replacing a home thermostat


This was my second problem that came up shortly after I purchased my house. It was starting to get cold outside since winter was approaching and when I woke up I was greeted with a freezing cold house. I headed downstairs and hoped that resetting the furnace would do the trick, so I turned off the furnace and turned it back on after a minute, luckily it fired back up.

Fast forward 8 hours when I got home from work, lucky me I was greeted with a cold house once again. Okay so now I have to narrow down the potential problems so I don’t have to call a furnace technician which will cost me a lot of money. So I first started with my thermostat, knowing that the house was previously smoked in and electronics get damaged from the tar, this seemed like the logical place to start.

This was a diy project I was very unsure of so after I decided to do this project I researched it on the internet than headed to home depot to pick my new thermostat. Once home I opened up the package, checked the instructions and started to replace the thermostat. Here’s step by step instructions to do the project yourself.


1. Shut off furnace and air conditioning at the panel, this will prevent the units from starting up when you’re disconnecting wires.

2. Take off front panel of the thermostat and take a picture of the wire orientation, instructions are included with new thermostats but can be confusing so I recommend taking a picture for a visual reference. The honeywell that I purchased had stickers that were able to be adhered to the wires.

3. Disconnect wires and label them.

4. Unscrew the back panel and remove it from the wall, support wires so that they don’t slip behind the wall, big problem if they do!

5. Mount the back of the new thermostat panel onto wall which the supplied drywall plugs and scews. Connect wires in same orientation following the color codes.

6. Insert battery’s into the thermostat face plate and clip it onto the back plate, do this gently so not to damage the connectors.

7. Configure settings,time,month. Keep thermostat function off

8. Turn on breaker for furnace and air conditioner.

9. Turn on heat or air conditioning and set temperature.

This is the part were i started to pray that the furnace would kick on, it was a very nervous minute. After a minute I heard the thermostat kick on and
the furnace started! definitely a happy dance moment!

– Screwdriver
– Drill
– Drill bit (used to make hole for screw plug if mounting into drywall)
– Tape to label wires (stickers are usually provided)
– Level


I was a little intimidated by this project thinking it was bound to be harder than it looked to complete, but it really took 15 min from start to finish.
This is a great DIY project for a home owner and you don’t need much skill to complete, I cant believe people pay to have this done! Its as easy as following the directions

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