Small Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom, DIY, Renovation
When I first viewed the house before I bought it I knew the basement bathroom was usable but not very functional. I knew this would be a tough renovation but I believed I could renovate it properly for a affordable price adding value to the home. This is my small bathroom remodeling project.

The main reason for this bathroom not being functional is the fact they built the bathroom right around a support post! This in my opinion is extremely impractical.

Now this seems like a lot of work just because of a pole, at first i thought it wasn’t a big deal but guests I had over never had a positive view on the bathroom and that was enough to start the renovation.

My plan,

1. Demo the bathroom, I will be taking the bathroom down to the studs leaving the shower as is for now. Remove the wall between the bathroom and laundry room, to be re framed at a later date

2. Break open the concrete and move the toilet and sink 2 feet back into the laundry room.

3. Install backwater valve while concrete is opened up, modify plumbing to accommodate new locations.

4. re frame bathroom walls

5. Frame in around pole to make a linen closet and to hide the pole.

6. Open up shower, retile and install new shower door (future project)

7. Re route electrical

8. Install drywall, mud, tape and sand.

9. Install tile flooring.

10. Do finishing, Install Fixtures, and Clean

Starting the small bathroom remodeling

I started my renovation by by doing the prep work before demo starts. I started this by shutting down the water supply to the house, removing the waterlines feeding the bathroom and capping the lines so i can turn the water back on to the rest of the house.

After this was complete, I was able to cut the abs plumbing under the sink and remove the vanity. The vanity was sitting on a floor that was raised with 1 3/4″ plywood which was sitting on bare concrete allowing moisture to affect it.

Than the vanity was raised with 2×4 under the base of the cabinet. You can now see the ugly 70’s paneling underneath the grey paint.

Basement bathroom vanity demo.


To be continued on my next post! Cheers!